10 Most Outdated Marketing Strategies by Recruitment Agencies

Almost every single day, I am bombarded with plenty of marketing messages and advertisements from recruitment agencies, sharing with me what their services are and what industries they specialize in.

Every single time I see their marketing materials and methods, I just yawn and shake my head.

Can you imagine me yawning and shaking my head?

Looks funny, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, let me share with you the ten most outdated marketing ideas that I see, and perhaps you will recognize the ones that you or some of your friends are using. Here goes:

1) Participating in Job Fairs

What happens is that the recruitment agencies take part in the exhibition, pay the huge exhibitor fees, and station their people in the booth, hoping that they will be able to gather some clients and candidates.

Can you imagine how many agencies and companies are there at the exhibition?

Plenty, right?

You pay for the booth, do the setup, transport the items, appoint people in the booth, calculate the total, and you can see how many hours and how much money you will have wasted.

To tell you the truth, the returns are usually not worth it.

2) Email Marketing

In fact, I have used email marketing for 20 years, and I can tell you that I have not seen anyone who is able to match what I am doing in email marketing.

What they usually do is to write a profile of their company, introduce their services, and hope that someone on the other side will respond.

Every time I receive such an email, I always laugh because they simply do not know what email marketing is all about. After a while, the same person will be out of a job because the methods they use do not yield good results.

Secret – Email marketing can generate plenty of leads and sales if you really know how and what to do. Don’t just send an EDM and expect results. It does not happen that way.

3) Poorly Designed Websites

If you do not have a good website, I would suggest you do not even put it up.

Can you imagine yourself, as a potential client, visiting a website that is poorly designed and structured?

What kind of impression will it give you? I believe you get my point on this.

4) Putting the Company Logo and Banner in Job Portal

Job Portal will advise you that you can create sales or marketing by putting your company logo or banner on their website. They will charge you huge fees for it, and what will be your return? Seriously, it is simply not worth it.

5) Facebook Ads

Well, if you are a great fan of Facebook, you are hoping that the ads you are placing on the right-hand side of Facebook will yield many clicks.

How many of them are actually converted into sales or leads? The results will usually be very disappointing.

6) Google Adwords

Looks interesting, doesn’t it?

Warning, do not get into this game if you do not know what you are getting into, and if you are not ready to lose at least a few thousand dollars and generate almost no response.

Many of the articles on the Internet or in books written about it, do not know what they are writing. They just write for the sake of selling their services and products. It’s not for the weak of heart.

7) Search Engine Optimization

Many of them are into this game but 9/10 of them are bleeding in this area.

They pay over 50 times more than the actual cost of the marketing process and the search engine companies are earning huge bucks on them because they are ignorant about the SEO.

Warning: even if you are ranked #1 in search engine, the expected sales and return will always be lower because the SEO companies have given you the wrong advice. Most of them are textbook-based marketing whether they follow the rules but do not know what they are doing.

Secret – SEO is one of the best ways to create branding and marketing ONLY when you know what you are doing.

Nine-tenths of the SEO companies do not know what they are doing; hence, the advice that is given to you will be, well, you know what I mean. I have had over 20,550 search keywords all over my website www.dougleschan.com via Google for a period of less than six months, simply because I know what I am doing.

My SEO cost?

You will not believe me.

It cost me nothing.

Do you know that SEO companies charge you $4,000 -$12,000 for 5-10 keywords?

Now you know how you are being ripped off…

8) Printing company brochures, gifts, calendars, etc. –

Come on…there is only one word – OUTDATED!!!

9) Telemarketing, door knocking –

This is 2018, it is not 1980, please…

10) Copying 

Many recruitment agencies are copying what other agencies are doing, most of which are the methods mentioned above.

If the methods are outdated, whatever the agencies are copying is outdated too!

Be smart, make sure you are the expert in that particular area or hire someone who is the best in that field, else your marketing effort will be absolutely wasted.

10 Most Outdated Marketing Strategies by Recruitment Agencies

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